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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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we believe that children -- >> sean: we'll stay with the president wrapping up in louisiana tonight. and, well, another rousing big night rally. we'll never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled. ingraham angle is next. have a great weekend. see you monday. we stand on the shoulders of american patriots who came over the oceans, settled a continent, paved the wilderness, revolutionized industry, pioneered science, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism and we're going to defeat socialism and put a man on the face of the moon.
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proud citizens like you helped to build this country and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people, with your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on keep on winning, winning, winning. we're one people, one family, one glorious nation under god. america is thriving like never before, and ladies and gentlemen of louisiana, the best is yet to come. [ applause ] get out and vote tomorrow. we will make america wealthy
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again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again! thank you, louisiana. get out and vote tomorrow. thank you. thank you. >> laura: wow, what an evening. i'm tammy bruce in for laura ingraham this evening. this is the ingraham angle from new york city tonight. obviously president trump there wrapping up another extraordinary campaign rally for the second night in a row. this time in lake charles, louisiana, the president making a last-minute appeal to pelican state voters to get out for the jungle primary in a gubernatorial race to unseat governor john bell. but he also spent a lot of time hilting the democrats, the bidens, and the phony
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impeachment inquiry. i think you might agree, we have ellis and barbara coming up here. but this is a man who has seems not to have lost any of his energy compared to the 2016 campaign clearly still in it. the crowd is even more remarkable. let's go to fox's elson barber live in lake charles, louisiana with more. elson? >> this is the president's second campaign-style rally. he spoke for 109 minutes the first night. tonight, we're around 83 minutes. the president covered a lot of ground. he's trying to convince voters in louisiana to head to the polls tomorrow and vote for one of two republican candidates hoping to unseat the current democrat governor. the president talked about the inquiry, attacking joe biden. at one point he talked about the
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democratic -- it's -- he used the word bs. that got the cheers from the crowd here that showed the highest amount of -- removing the president from office -- they feel like president trump is being attacked. the president set off that interview -- getting very angry. ing about these people. last night, doubled down on that tonight. that became the biggest focal point of the speech tonight. so, again, the purpose of him being in louisiana, tammy, was to try to get voters to head to the polls and he said any republican in the jungle primary gubernatorial race that's happening. the election taking place
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tomorrow, tammy? >> great job. thank you very much. clearly a remarkable evening. and a man who is making -- it's got a combination working there, right? at each of his rallies. he's a man who is not a politician. came in from the business world. but has adjusted very easily in to being a politician. know what is his job was and is at these rallies when it comes to moving his agenda or, of course, making a pitch for other republican politicians. he's had a great deal of success in that. now, we've got -- he came out swinging as ellison noted, of course, with his message on the attempted impeachment, the insanity regarding that. let's listen to this for a second. >> democrats' policies are crazy. their politicians are corrupt, their candidates are terrible. and they know they can't win an election day, so they're pursuing an illegal, invalid, and unconstitutional bull
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shitimpeachment. you know, sometimes the president does say some things that can be a little surprising. that's one of them. and at the same time, it's not a game or a -- kind of a thing to shock people specifically, it's kind of the nature of how he's approaching this like many americans. now, we're going to talk about this and the general message and the remarkable impact of these rallies, charlie kirk and anthony tall. thank you for joining me tonight. >> thank you, of course. >> hello. >> hi, there. so, charlie, somebody on social media noted that, look, a lot of us had watched the rally last night. and yet all of these people still got in line, going into this rally this evening, likely to hear some of the same messaging, but wanted to be in the realm of what this man was saying and doing.
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he had been very underestimate in the 2016 race. do you think these rallies indicate the same or more enthusiasm for this next coming up election year in 2020? >> even more. is the election tomorrow? it feels like it. louisiana sit, but nationally, it feels like we're right around the corner. 13 more months. these rallies are an american phenomenon, the energy, the spirit, the ability to connect with people and the voters that put him in to office. and what's really interesting is he doesn't just go there to spread his message, but he goes and hears from the actual attendees, how they feel about what he's doing, the enthusiasm that they have for his agenda. and i'll say, it's really amazing to see people on a friday night to be able to attend -- to wait in line, the day of -- as you noted, the day after a long rally that happened yesterday. there's something so special, because each one of those individuals that attends that rally feels as if they're playing their part in a broader
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movement to reclaim government from a corrupt institution or corrupt practice in the past. it's truly amazing. it's more enthusiasm than we had in 2016. >> you know, none of us could have predicted the nature of how this president's first term has been unfolding. and with all of the attacks and resistance, if you will, whether or not that would have impacted support or enthusiasm, but, anthony, i have to say, you -- i would think you might agree that these rallies seem to be as enthusiastic if not more as passionate the president does not seem worn down by anything that has gone on. in fact, he's noted that he -- he feels invigorated and that he -- he enjoys this. what is your sense as the democrat when you watch this after everything that's happened over the last three years? >> well, i am amazed by the president. i love his passion. i love the way he's able to relate. and i don't think i've seen a candidate on the other side that
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can compete with his folksy manner the way he goes out there and basically entertains. i watched the whole -- basically the whole rally. and the president's charisma is outside of this world. i'm not going to take that away from him. but, that said, he's got a lot to deal with. he's got a lot on his plate. he's got a house of representatives that is coming to impeach him. and he knows that. he knows that. i agree with you 100%. he doesn't look tired, he doesn't look worn down. he looked young, he looked vibrant tonight. but i haven't seen him looking that way all week. so it's good to see him looking that way. but i think he's got a long two, three months before the holidays ahead of him. >> yeah, you know, it's almost as though, charlie, maybe we all would agree, you know, some people really get energized by this. if the president didn't have these crowds, this reminder that he is supported, maybe what's happening in the political world in washington would have a bigger impact. but it -- it ranges from -- you know, him moving his agenda,
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talking about the politicians that are there and the political goal, but then even like the moment of bringing up the little league champions. this is -- this is -- the sense of americana that are at these rallies compared, charlie, to what we saw outside in minnesota yesterday, it's a -- it's a serious juxtaposition that is troubling. how would you put that when it comes to how the american people are seeing -- like almost two different americas unfolding? >> it's a phenomenal point, tammy. look, these rallies are less political and more cultural than anything else. the people that attend these rallies, they feel the reinvision ration for the patriotic spirit that seems to have been diminishing over the last couple of decades. i think it's a really interesting previous point that was made. because a lot of other democrats are seeing the same thing. they see a president that looks younger today than before he took office, which is a rather new phenomenon, especially in
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recent presidents. they see the crowd sizes, his presidential campaign sitting over $125 million in cash, an extraordinary figure. they see all of this. they now look to that word that was said, "impeachment," because for them, that's now a political tool to try to stop the president's enthusiasm and movement. if he's drawing these crowds 13 months out, what's it going to look like a year from today, amazing. >> charlie, anthony, take a look as an example, the biggest thing on his plate what americans are hearing about every day is the impeachment process. he's had a couple of things to say in particular. let's listen to this about the whistleblower involved in that. >> and the whistleblower who worked now for biden, did you hear this one? came out yesterday? but the whistleblower comes out with a totally phony report on my phone call. but they never thought i'd release it, so they were going to be okay. eight times, quid pro quo. except, it was no time.
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>> yes, you know, by the way, i want to make one correction. not that the whistleblower works for biden, it's that the washington examiner came out with the story making an assessment with what we know about the whistle blower that the 2020 candidate that he -- that the inspector general and his attorney said that he had been associated with that 2020 candidate that it appears quite directly that it was likely biden. so, with that, anthony, this is -- what's interesting is that the messaging that this approach would -- would, you know, put a wet blanket on the president's support, that it would depress his supporters, that it would give somehow the boost to the hopes of the democrats to take the white house, it may be having an opposite effect. i don't doubt they'll impeach him. they've got the votes. but that seems like a political act at this point, would you agree? >> well, i think it would appear political to -- to the republicans and to that side of
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the -- of the branch. but up to that side of the aisle. but you have to remember, hey, i'm a detroit tiger fan. when we have go to new york, we didn't have a good year, we have to go to new york to play the yankees. the democrats have a lot of evidence, you know, whether we're going to lose or not. we don't think we're going to lose, so we don't got to go. so, you know, same thing with the democrats. they feel they have enough evidence. they feel this house of representatives which they have enough evidence to move forward. it's their duty to go play ball. what happens? >> they took the house because playing ball in the midterm elections was promising to deal with the issues. they promised to go washington and take things seriously and get things done. they talked about health care, they talked about prescription drug prices. they talked about jobs and wages. so, if we're going to really go to the finish line here and we have to deliver and we have to go where we've got to go, shouldn't it be about the issues? doesn't it trouble you they
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aren't doing that, is it because they don't understand the issues or they don't have the solutions or is it they they don't feel like they can win in 2020 because the president is accomplishing so much? >> well, i think that they think they can beat him, and i think they're going to follow the polls. but i just believe that the hard core base of the democratic party has wanted this president impeached. and once they've gotten something they can latch on to, they're going to impeach him. but i don't think that he think he's unbeatable. although it's fair to your point, i look at the audience and the charisma and i look at what the democrats have put up and i up haven't found anyone that can compete with that charisma. >> yeah, that's the trouble the democrats have. the nature -- >> i would agree with that. >> now, besides the people who are running for president, anthony. there are people already in office, still in office, like nancy pelosi, charlie anthony, take a look at what he had to say about the speaker of the house earlier. >> nervous nancy. nervous nancy.
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i used to think she loved the country. she hates the country. she wouldn't be doing this to the country if she did. she hates the country. nancy pelosi hates the united states of america. >> yeah, boy, that's a strong statement. and at the same time, some of these actions, including impeachment, some people, some democrats have said, you know, they can't beat this great economy and so there are certain individuals who think, like bill mar said it, like recession would be a good idea while it would be horrible for the people, it would get the president out. charlie, do you think it's possible that they actually want the economy to do badly? they they think the ends justifies the means here? is the president right that nancy pelosi hates the country or she can't see past herself. >> it sure doesn't seem they're happy that america is succeeding. remember back to the state of the union address when president trump announced the lowest ever
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black unemployment rate and the black caucus stayed seated. the democrats looked somber when the best gdp numbers were announced and the lowest ever black poverty rate. there's a whole wing in the democratic party that's the majority that's not happy that america is succeeding. make no mistake, the democrats were not worried that he was going to fail, they were terrified he was going to succeed. he is succeeding because that put them at political risk. you said it best. the mandate of the 2018 elections that got nancy pelosi the gavel was won on moderation, won on infrastructure and health care. a lot of the districts that donald trump won in 2016 are occupied by blue dog democrats that are now very, very nervous that the squad and nancy pelosi have taken over power and now threatening impeachment. >> gentlemen, i will tell you, it is -- even though we might disagree on the issues, it's an exciting time to work in
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politics, anything is possible. donald trump has shown us that as well. and we've got more than a year coming up to the election itself. and this is going to be -- this reformation of the country is going to continue. everyone's got a challenge, and it's a pleasure to have heard from you and your opinions tonight after another donald trump rally. charlie, anthony, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. up next, laura ingraham is in washington to set the record straight on realism versus fantasy on the president's decision to pull troops out of northern syria. a lot we've got to deal with. laura has all of it. it's not just -- you know, we've got this great scene of a rally, right? the president at the same time also today gave great news about his negotiations with china. we've got things still going on all over the middle east, including in saudi arabia. this is a working president, he also loves the country. and he also is having a good time doing what he's doing. so you stay right there. laura will be right back.
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>> we are also ending the endless wars. we were supposed to be in syria for 30 days. we've now been there for ten years. we were supposed to be in afghanistan for a short period of time. we're now going to be there for close to 19 years. it's time to bring them home.
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all of the blood and treasure we sacrificed made the middle east it's less safe, less stable, and less secure. >> the latest gallup poll from august says 60% of americans believe the iraq war was a mistake and 51% believe it made us less safe. no one should be surprised that president trump is pulling our troops out of northern syria. he repeatedly said he was going to do just that. nor should we be surprised that the turks launched and offensive there. the critics are right that he's a thug, but turkey is also a nato ally, the alliance the old guard urged trump to honor. turkey launching an offensive on america's allies in syria. turkey says the operation is meant to drive out terrorists which is what they called the kurds. >> they used to be u.s. allies. they've gone into the fight and suffered just grievous casualties. >> look, it's truly awful what's
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happening to the kurds. they're fierce fighters for their own homelands and they did help to defeat isis, no doubt about it. but what happened to the vietnamese when we left them behind was awful too. unwise, unwinnable wars trigger unanticipated aftershock, both at home and abroad. let's not forget strong opposition to the iraq war helped obama win the white house in 2008. and a noninterventionist platform also propelled trump to victory. americans in both parties smartly saw the more we extended ourselves in the middle east, the weaker we became. as the president said, look, all these years later, 18 years later, we still have troops in afghanistan. the suffering falls only on a small percentage of americans. >> i have to sign letters, it's the hardest thing i have to do. and i see parents make sounds
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that were just 20 minutes ago absolutely fine, make sounds, scream and cry like you've never seen before, breaking the military line and jumping off and then jumping on to a coffin of her son or her daughter. their lives will never be the same. >> i'm so glad he said that as hard as it was for us to imagine to be in that place where the parents are. it's important for the u.s. president to recognize that. and there will always be evil people around the world who want power and do horrible things to other people to get it. look what happening to the muslims, the dissidents in china. look what's happening to the christians in central africa. america knows that subjugation and mass murders are happening across the globe. but america is not the same country we once were.
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in 2001, we had a budget surplus. in 1986, well, we had a fraction of the debt we have today. but republican hawks want to pretend we're living back in those times. they want to relive the 2000s. and democrats will look for any excuse themselves to bash trump. >> it's shockingly ignorant of history, not of history of like the 1940s, of history three or four years ago. >> i think if you're not angry, you're not paying attention. >> one of the most significant national security blunders in what he's done here. >> the administration of foreign policy blunders, this is the worst disaster that we have seen. >> president trump is aiding and abetting an isis jailbreak. >> many of the same people are lecturing trump now on syria are the same ones who voted for a war that ended up costing us trillions of dollars. and, by the way, where was all of the hand wringing for the christian communities?
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they were devastated as a consequence of the war in iraq. >> previous administrations lust for regime change. and also put historic christian communities in vastly more danger than they were before we started. they are some of the biggest victims of these power vacuums and reckless foreign ventures. >> and liz cheney, god bless her, is condemning trump given what happened as a consequence of this war? by the way, i supported the war, it took me a while to see the light. if you want to know how popular bush's foreign policy is among republican voters, remember, jeb could not win his home primary in a state where he was a great governor in florida and george w. hasn't been invited to speak at a republican national convention since he left office. every dollar we send overseas is a dollar we cannot spend here at
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home. fixing our schools, our bridges, updating our airports, all of our priorities. and we have a lot of them. the same gop wise me and women who thought iraq was a slam dunk was the same ones that thought allowing china in the world trade organization was a great idea. it only helped communist regime like china hell bent on global domination become more powerful. we lost millions of manufacturing jobs in much of our precious intellectual property to the chinese. remember the people who green lit this obama nation are called the foreign policy elites. please, just as they did in iraq. the so-called china trade experts failed the american people. trump was elected to pick up the pieces. the trade maneuvers with china
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have been courageous in the face of especially wall street option. and while i believe personally we should be decoupling our interests from the chinese regime, trump has done more than any other president in the face of what can only be described now as a generational threat. in fact, because of trump, there was a major breakthrough in the chinese. they're going to grant us concessions on agriculture and we're going to give them some tariff relief. he's got a long way to go getting china to play fair. but this small deal suggests a bigger one may eventually be made. but the big question now for america isn't whether we're going to be able to keep the kurds free. the big question for america is whether we'll be able to keep ourselves free here at home. it's tragic what the so-called elites were allowed to do to this country, what happened to our country? under their leadership. but the definition of insanity
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would be to continue down the road toward false promises of mission accomplished once again. and that's the angle. here to respond is retired u.s. army colonel doug mcgre gore. colonel, this is a messy situation no doubt about it. but were we ever on an easy pass after the war in iraq? >> of course not. you said it well. we're picking up the pieces. president trump is now ripping off the band aids. when you do that, people are going to howl. that's what's happening in syria. all of these interventions always create unnatural balances of power. you end up supporting a small majority because they share short term interest with you. that's what happened with the kurds. remember, they're communists in northern syria. they're maoists, they want to build their own state. they've been in a war with the tushgs that lasted 40 years and kill 5d 5,000 people. this is a life or deaf question, it isn't for us. our mission there is over.
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we destroyed the isis calafait. there are isis left and there will always be islamist crazies around the world. >> why is this our response snblt. >> it isn't. but it's the last -- it's another opportunity for the neocons, for the retired generals who come on tv who have all become millionaires. >> raytheon, all of the big companies. >> all of the big companies. please, please don't leave. we're spending billions. >> keep the money flow. >> keep the money flow. they know from experience that once we pull out, we don't go back. >> who coined the debate stage among the democrats, if they're asked, will you commit now to sending more troops to northern iraq? who's going to agree -- who's going to agree? will anyone on that stage -- do any of them want to vote for a military reauthorization? because i'm getting a little tired of this post9/11 military authorization that justifies all of this expenditure. >> remember the only one who will be unambiguous about the
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position is chelsea gabbert. >> i want to get you to comment on what happened today, the defense department announced they're deploying an additional 3,000 troops to saudi arabia. and the secretary justified saying we are still committed to our allies. since may, the dod has increased forces to the area by about 14,000. so what do we not -- what is going on here? because we're pulling troops out of this area of syria and northern iraq. and now we're redeploying them. is this a good idea? >> two things, if you're president of the united states and you look at the map, there is an imaginary red line that runs across the top of israel, around jordan, along the saudi border, up around kuwait and over to the emrates to the middle of the persian gulf. everything east of that is in contention. everything west of that has to be stable and orderly. we're responsible for that. because we have a strategic partnership with saudi arabia. now, the forces that are going
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in there are all defensive. there's not enough combat power there to launch any offensive operation. but remember we just watched as the saudis were totally incompetent and incapable of defending their oil fields which you would think given the billions they spent would have been their top priority. so, they appeal to president trump. he's responding. but it is modest. it's not a major commitment. >> i love listening to these democrats. sudden they're war hawks. aoc is criticizing trump. but it really does get us back to the proposition that so many people have become headline readers. like there's been very little deep thought or understanding of history. and so if you can criticize trump in the moment, he doesn't care about the kurds, he's abandoning -- no. he campaigned on america first. if we're not strong and prosperous at home, we're not going to be good to anyone. put your own oxygen mask on first before you try to save others on the airplane. >> the good news is, look at the polling data, the people are
7:33 pm
behind president trump. they want to disengage, they want to get out. there's no support for a watch against turkey, iran, russia, against anyone. president trump knows that. so she's taking prudent steps to avoid. >> how much money did china put in the middle east. >> they pulled out of a deal with iran. they're concerned? why? they're not going to put money in an area where there's conflict. the chinese is about making money. >> they see us draining trillions. let's build a new airport. >> they love that. >> they love saying we're draining our money away. we have less to be competitive with the chinese. great to see you as always, doug. do you know what's happening on sesame street? a serious topic. the ladies on the view share their voices in a new way. and fanatics pandering to liberals? raymond arroyo has it all on friday follies, next. for effective, non-addictive relief.
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>> federal prosecutors in new york are investigating whether rudy giuliani violated lobbying laws in his dealings with ukraine according to a report in "the new york times," citing two people familiar with that probe. investigators are focusing on giuliani's alleged efforts to underline then american ambassador to ukraine, marie yuvanovich. she was recalled in the spring. she spent much of friday on capitol hill testifying in a
7:38 pm
closed door session. meantime, the acting secretary of homeland security is stepping down. president trump says kevin wants to spend more time with his family. he's the fourth person to serve in that role. the president plans to announce a new acting secretary next week. now back to the ingraham angle. it's friday. that means it's time for -- how tone deaf it is. and the classic kid show gets serious. but first, shameless pandering by the left to the social justice warriors. joining us with all of the details, he's back. raymond arroyo. okay, raymond. two-fer tonight, double-trouble with you tonight. never stops. what are the 2020 candidates doing now? >> it's almost embarrassing at this point. cnn as you referenced earlier did another 2020 town hall marathon which, and this could tell us how 2020 might go, it
7:39 pm
tanked their ratings. the equality town hall gave the democrat candidates an opportunity to curry favor with their reliable lgbt consistency. let's start with booker who was throwing himself at one of the questioners. >> handsome hair cuts. >> going to say the same thing? >> thank you very much. >> you have a beautiful man. >> all right. many people have no idea that -- >> make our president bald again. >> i'm here for it. >> how adorable? are we seeing maba hats -- make america bald again? is that how we're going to win michigan, raymond? >> they'll only have visors. you don't want to ruin the natural human head. joe bide season in the center of this. he's been known to embellish stories a bit, laura.
7:40 pm
i wonder how much this is true. this is he and his father encountering a gay couple, watch. >> two well-dressed men kissed one another as i was opening the door. i had not seen that. he said it's simple, honey, they love each other. i came out -- i didn't come out. when i publicly stated -- >> well, that would be news. >> i got something to tell you. >> tried to figure it out a while ago. >> would say, laura? >> i was just sad for him. >> it was. it's a desperate attempt to pander. aside from their people, all of these candidates are at a loss. they're not gay or lesbian. it's a -- 82% of lgbt people vote democrat.
7:41 pm
kamela harris. >> my pronouns are she, her, and hers. >> she, her, and hers. mine too. >> is this what we're going to have to do when we go in the room. that's the new hello, you look great, how are you doing? and what's your personal pronoun. >> he apologized. cuomo said please read, when senator harris said her pronouns were she, her, and hers, i said mine too, i should not have. >> he had to apologize for that. it wasn't funny. but the attempt, as pathetic as it was. >> it was all -- it was a pander fest for hours and hours. didn't help the ratings. joy behar was serenaded by people during her birthday on "the view," watch. ♪ joy come to the world the time has come
7:42 pm
in choir in dike in peace ♪ >> okay -- >> laura? >> first of all, i mean how flat can one sing, first of all? i'm focusing on how flat the tone is. >> must we make a christmas carol this profane by tilting a birthday towards impeachment. ideology tall way here, it's sad. >> well, i hope we can have a christmas season without bringing impeachment removal, i mean in a partridge in a pear tree under the same conversation. >> don't count on it, my dear. see you next week. >> unbelievable. you have a great weekend. the nba is not the only one bowing to china. an ingraham angle investigation that attempts to untangle the web of hunter biden's deep financial ties to the communist nation, stay there.
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>> we told you about hunter biden's troubling ties to ukraine, they stop stop there. the shady dealings extend further to communist china. they run deeper than previously we thought. the fox chief correspondent trace gallagher has all of the details. >> we know 49-year-old hunter biden, a lawyer by trade, co-founded an investment for a fund back in 2009 called rosemont seneca partners, the partners being the accept son of former secretary of state john kerry and devin archer, a financier and former male model. hunter biden travelled aboard air force 2 with his father on an official visit to beijing. two weeks after that, hunter biden's investor fund became a partner with a chinese equity firm called bohi harvest or bhr
7:47 pm
owned and controlled by the chinese government. the biden's have repeatedly denied any connection between the vice president's visit to china and his son's business deal. but this year, the new yorker reported that during the visit, hunter biden introduced his father to a man named jonathan lee, who a short time later became the ceo of bhr. and our corporate cousin, "the wall street journal" says hunter biden still owns 10% of bhr. president trump has insinuated time and again that hunter biden's deal is not on the up and up. watch. >> $1.5 billion out of china. and he's got no expertise. and i've got friends who are the smartest people on wall street. he said, is that possible, they say, no, that's not possible. pretty sad situation. >> the $1.5 billion the president refers to is the fundraising target of bhr. it's unclear if that target was
7:48 pm
hit. but over the past six years, the company has invested more than $2 billion on behalf of its financial backers. hunter biden's spokesperson said biden still hasn't recouped his original investment in bhr, though his 10% stake appears to be a valuable asset. and hunter biden has dabbled in other chinese companies that reportedly in fact in sensitive assets in both the u.s. and china. there's no firm evidence that hunter biden has done anything illegal, but experts say politically, the optics are poor. laura? >> each day, it seems we see embarrassing new developments for the nba. now early this week, the ingraham angle was the first, proud to say, to call out the nba for bending on, well, down for this communist chinese, all the while happily trashing trump's america.
7:49 pm
it gets more pathetic. the league now has announced they're cancelling all press conferences from teams in china after this embarrassing exchange. >> the nba has always been a league that pride itself on his players being able to speak out about political and societal affairs. i wonder in the events that we've seen, that you would feel differently about speaking out that way in the future. >> we're taking basketball questions only. >> this is a legitimate question, an event that happen in the nba. sure. >> it's like, did the chinese dragon get their tongue there? an outspoken liberal coach steve kerr gave this absurd response to reporters on china's human
7:50 pm
rights abuses. >> it has not come up in terms of people asking me about it. nor has our record of human rights abuses either. people in china did not ask me about people owing ar15s and mowing each other down in a mall. the world is a complex place and there's more gray than black and white. >> more gray than black and white. joining me now, clay travis, fox sports host, radio host, author of the book, republicans buy sneakers too. clay, i have to say, i am both saddened and not surprised that this is where it's going. given china's influence now in american commerce, and, of course, with the money that the nba is making over there in china with franchise fees. but, man, the nba has a lot of -- a lot to say about trump and what he does. but seems like they have no
7:51 pm
spine when it comes to what happens in china. >> doesn't seem like they have no spine, laura, they have no when it comes to what's going on in china. i believe this is the worst week that any pro sports league has had in my life. i know you cover a lot of this. the nba bans the word "owner" because they decide it's racially incense tiff. they replaced it ironically enough with the word "governor" that has worse connotations in some states given the way things have gone. they also decide they're going to pull their all-star game out of charlotte, north carolina because of a local state transgender bathroom law. i don't know about you, laura, but i don't think transgender people have a lot of rights in china just like the entire population of 1.4 billion people does not have a lot of rights there. steve kerr was asked whether or not -- >> it was embarrassing.
7:52 pm
>> and he wasn't willing to endorse democracy. he said america and china are basically the same thing when it comes to human rights which is so absurd. i don't know what he could be thinking. >> the fact that kerr could even approach drawing a moral equivalency between a country that has at least a million muslims and the equivalent of internment camps, they have no freedom, can't move, political dissidents never heard from again, christians persecuted. every manner of oppression and subjugation. that's a gray area for mr. kerr because al mighty dollar is involved. this is what i'm saying. when these people claim they care about all of these social justice issues and they get all offended when someone even mixes criticism at home. i'm calling them on all of their you know what. i think they care about one thing primarily. they want to win, but it's about money. let's say it's about money.
7:53 pm
then we all know where we're coming from now. it's about money. so just lose the idea that you're all about your moral principles. give me a break. the whole thing is ridiculous. and another american company, by the way, clay, is now caving in to the communist chinese. the rockets' merchandise reportedly disappeared off of the shelves of nike stores in china. managers of five nike stores in beijing and shanghai say they've been told that all rockets merchandise had to be removed. now, this is the same company, by the way, that uses colin kaepernick to represent them. so maybe the new slogan for nike, clay, should be, believe in something as long as beijing approves. >> oh, i mean -- >> we could brand it for them. >> it's fantastic. the irony on this is mind blowing, again, these guys have said over and over again, lebron james is trying to market himself as the muhammed alu of
7:54 pm
his generation. more power to him for marketing purposes, but muhammed ali went to prison and fought against a war. lebron james, if he really wanted to take a stand, could, right? he could say i believe that the 1.4 billion people in china deserve the exact same rights that many americans take for granted -- freedom of speech, freedom to get on the internet without censorship, all of these issues. i think a big part of this growing and going forward, china is moving -- this is important -- from, hey, if you want to play the avengers movie in our country, we're going to edit two minutes of it, it's for inside of our country. what they're trying to do now is trying to propagate their communist world view into america and using the sports leagues like the nba as a conduit to do it and the nba is allowing them to do it. it's pathetic that this is allowed to be taken place. >> it's like they got rid of the nomenclature "owners" for the
7:55 pm
owners of the team. but they transfer that ownership to a communist regime. so the owners now are far away in beijing whose tentacles reach right across the ocean to the united states and to the psyche and mindset, apparently, of these players. but i'm glad this has all been reveal toir for us. we know what everyone stands for and the masks are off. this is a sad moment. but it's very revealing to all of us. thanks so much. earlier this week, we showed you dean cain and christie swanson's re-enactment of the struck and paige text. someone new might be joining the cast. we'll reveal that, next.
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>> it's time for the last bite. we showed you dean cain's and christie swanson's dramatic reading between fbi love birds struck and paige. they now have a new cast member. >> peter struck. remember he and his lover. lisa paige. i love you too, peter. i love you, lisa. lisa, lisa! oh, god, i love you, lisa. and if she doesn't win, lisa, we've got an insurance policy, lisa. and we're living through the insurance policy. that's what it is. the phony russia hoax. >> okay. he could be a standup comedian.
8:00 pm
that's all i'm saying. it's extremely funny. we need to laugh in politics, have a good time. that's all of the time we have tonight. have a great weekend. see you back here monday. shannon bream and the fantastic fox news at night team take it all from here. >> we begin with a fox news alert. president trump comes out swinging against the impeachment push for a second night in a row mocking disgraced fbi officials peter struck and lisa paige as we await the results of two investigations into the investigators. bret baird joins us to talk about how those can be coming soon. and stripping religious group's tax exempt status


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